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The story of São Paulo’s first skyscraper, as told by people who work in the building. In Portuguese with English subtitles. Part of the JK Turner Video series “São Paulo Up Close”


The Doyle Drive reconstruction project in San Francisco is underway. This 1930s original elevated southern approach to the Golden Gate Bridge will be demolished over the next several years, to be replaced with a completely new roadway, some of it passing through tunnels. Even though the old Doyle Drive is beyond its useful life, it’s not without some architectural charm. For posterity’s sake, this piece captures the original roadway, as of September 2009.


Second installment documenting the re-construction of San Francisco’s Doyle Dr./Presidio Parkway, the southern access to the Golden Gate Bridge. In this video, both the new and old viaducts can be seen standing side by side. Shot in November and December, 2011.


Redevelopment outside Sao Paulo, Brazil.